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 Rose Parade, Pasadena CA 1/1/2000

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A poem, for Star and Eek and Toonces:

of fat juicy grubs
while basking,
in the glow of nuclear fusion.

Poem by Nancy Reichard, © 2001 Net Gain. Derived from the work of Margo Running and David Reichard.

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Eek © 2001 Ken Reichard Sun viewed thru Alpha filter from Skylab space station circa 12/19/73. © 1997-2000 Calvin J. Hamilton

Web Pages I've designed

B2B web site by SJSU group Every newborn needs a domain name. Take it off!

San Jose State University LinksCOB logo

SJSU College of Business home page
Grades and unofficial transcripts
MIS Club
ADsense test:

Favorite links

Reichard family tree
Arcata Plaza Cam
How to convert an Access 2000 database to Access 97
David's Incredible Chocolate Cookie Recipe


Internet Companies I use

Printer Ink

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Domain name registrars

NameDemo Free domain name! If you can put up with banner ads, you can get your own domain name for free. A great way to reserve your favorite name. Includes free E-mail. One catch is they charge you $35 after the first year, and is expensive to switch the domain name to another registrar once you've registered it with NameDemo.

.us The best kept secret on the Internet is that you can register your domain name for free, using a geographical"Locality: address. Pick any city or area name (probably the one where you live), add the state & country, and put any name you want at the begriming. I registered RNA.San-Jose.CA.US. You'll still need a DNS - see Granite Canyon. All this was 10 years ago. Now it is more complicated. The .us registrars want to charge for the domain but there should still be a way to get it for free. See I'm currently trying to get Look up your city (or county) third-level domain at to .us Who-Is to see who the Delegated Registrar is for your locality.

DNS (Domain Name Server)

Granite Canyon A free DNS that works most of the time. If you need more than 3 nines reliability, it's better to use a commercial DNS. Granite Canyon has a good message board than can help you use the service.


EarthLink / Mindspring EarthLink has standard DSL, but without a fixed IP address. If you want to host your own website, you'll need a business account (at $129/month!). There's cheaper ways to get a fixed IP, I just ended up with them after the other companies I was using got out of the DSL business.

Security  Are at risk for being attacked while on line? I highly recommended this site.  Free digital certificates for your E-mail. Guarantees that you are you & encrypts your E-mail. (The person you are sending it to needs to have a certificate also.)

Free Web pages

My AngelFire home page (was used for Government Institute project)
My XOOM homepage (under construction)
My Freeservers homage (under construction) Annoying popups.
My Max Pages homage (ugly, hard to be creative, and full of offensive commercials)

Free Email (my favorite alternate E-mail. Easy to use, can check other E-mail and forward Yahoo E-mail to other E-mail. The perfect traveling companion.)

HTML Authoring Software Suggestions Recommended by Kwan. Shareware - free trial, $49.50 to buy  MapEdit freeware recommended by Kwan for editing image maps
Text editor "FTE" ("Folding Text Editor") for HTML, Java, much more. It's probably suitable for Prof Kwan's class, and its open source freeware. 

Dreamweaver for building Web pages. 11 MB download. 
30 day free trail:
or  Academic version download for $99
Professor Kwan said we can use the HTML text editor in Dreamweaver, but, "The full CD version of Dreamweaver 3 Windows includes HomeSite 4.5. The full CD version of Dreamweaver 3 Macintosh includes a fully integrated evaluation copy of  BBEdit. Dreamweaver educational products do not include text editors." So. apparently, neither version above has the HTML editor Kwan wants us to use. Only way to get it is to buy the box at retail, or see the link below to get HomeSite directly.

Allaire logo
Go to  and click on download tab to download 30 day free trial (13 MB). 
Buy Academic Edition for $69
"Allaire HomeSite is the industry’s #1 professional HTML editor. The intuitive WYSIWYN (what you see is what you need) interface gives you all the necessary site-building tools right at your fingertips." "HomeSite is the award-winning HTML editing tool that lets you build great Web sites in less time, while maintaining pure HTML. Created by Web developers for Web developers, only HomeSite gives you precise layout control and total design flexibility, while delivering the latest Web technologies, such as DHTML, SMIL, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, ASP, JSP, Perl, CFML, VB Script, XML, and XSL." I RECOMEND HOMESITE - it appears to have the right features for easy editing, while still satisfying Kwan's requirement that we use only a test editor. 
FTP software "WS_FTP." I recommend this easy, free GUI aid for FTP. Select "WS_FTP LE 5.08" on the link below. It says "evaluation," but it's freeware (for home & educational use).


Ken's Birthday / Tribal Stomp
Pix from Wenatchee & Arizona Seattle Photoworks develops your pix and puts them on line . For example, Wenatchee pix
Pictures for Sam
Still more photos
Pt Reyes hike with David & Rose April, 2009
Zone System chart

You can see if I'm online and page me with ICQ - even if you don't have ICQ installed! More info at the bottom of this page.

Linux Links

VA Linux - the IPO people
Linux Care - searchable help messages
Joshua Colvin - my Linux teacher

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